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This is a highly customized service, you will be redirected to a meeting-booking page after purchase.

Secret Society Branding


Branding your newly established secret society allows you to increase memberships rate through communicating core messages among members, position the public’s alignment and retain visual development.

  • Content type: Branding guidelines document.
  • Delivery period: 22 Days.
  • Distribution channels: Internal/Private.
  • Revisions: 3
  • Marketing consultancy: Included, you will be advised on how to use/market the video and get the maximum benefit possible.
  • No Refunds.


  1. Purchase & fill in required information during checkout.
  2. Book a 30 minutes discovery meeting after checkout with a creative director for preparation.
  3. You will receive a storyboard before we start working on it, to make sure the content complies with your business goals & visions as agreed in the meeting.
  4. You will receive your branding guidelines document in less than 22 days.

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