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Join High Triangle's Network of 1.2 Million Artists Worldwide!

High Triangle is a creative studio that produces all types of creative services such as design, animation, video production, web development and more!

The nature of our work revolves around telling relatable impactful stories that resonate in cultures, through art (content).

Unlike any other creative agency or design studio, we strictly prohibit cliche content.

We’re connecting with creative artists from all around the world to create content & build brands together.

High Triangle’s global team members collaborate and work together remotely, so don’t you worry about a boring office environment, we’d like you to remain creative & free while working with your teammates of different cultures.

Our hiring process is “project-based” which means we form teams by matching artists with projects based on interests & work style… So expect to be involved in the brainstorming sessions.

Wanna join us? If you think the world needs your ideas & creative skills then fill in this form to get in touch with you.

• Submissions will be evaluated and selected artists will be informed to conduct a Zoom interview prior to adding them to the network.

For any questions please contact: [email protected]

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