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Are you a genius artist whose productive despite being creative?

Artists have a fantasy to live in a creative society where everyone’s creating art all the time & everywhere with like-minded fellow artists who have even weirder and greater ideas.

This was the life at High Triangle, until artists created everything there was to create and their fantasy turned to chaos…. It was ugly, until one of them had a brilliant realization:

“If we controlled our rare & beautiful creative explosions, then chaos would win. We must fight back with better – unexpected – ideas and beat the enemy through the support of our fellow brutal businessmen.”

Then we realized that there’s a child inside each artist, it’s our responsibility to balance their creative powers, look after them and make sure they are better than us. in High Triangle artists are 100% involved in the projects they work on.

High Triangle team consists of 2 wings:

1) Artists & Directors: Their job is to come up with ideas & create content.

2) Business & Marketing: Their job is to organize randomness and grow the triangle.

With that being said, keep in mind that we are all in the same team.


  1. I ran out of ideas, what do I do?

Talk to each other and ask each other questions until you come up with an effective idea.

  1. How do I learn something?

The internet, google it.

We expect you to be reliant on your own growth and have habits of continuous learning.

This is all you need to know so far before you apply, if you’re still interested then we encourage you to fill in the form below.