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At High Triangle we build weed brands for the love of the high.

Full-Service Weed Brands Online Agency for Creative Services: Logo to Branding, Design, Packaging, Digital Marketing, Advertising SEO, Web Development and more.

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High Triangle is Full-Service.
We cover all creative &
professional works to
build high weed brands.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

According to product-knowledge. We create market research, marketing strategies & advertising campaigns that will take your weed brand to high places in brand awareness, traffic & sales.

Design & Media

Professional artists will do branding, packaging, design, photography, video production and content creation for your weed brand after experiencing the product.

Web Development

Full digital solutions to establish the website or eCommerce online store of your weed business. And optimizing it with branded design, SEO, speed, marketing-functions and integrations. 

Hustlers’ Works

For the 420 Culture.

Far Out Weed | Cannabis Brand Identity

Far Out is a California based Cannabis product. Focussing on ‘Cosmic Infused Weed', Far Out approaches the market in a unique and bold way with their Mascotte "Tripp" as main eye-catcher.

Buds Buddies — Packaging & Website

Buds Buddies is a boutique cannabis brand based in sunny CA. On a mission to to make plant medicine known and accessible beyond the niche, connoisseur market by using visual codes that break the mould of the "stoner aesthetic".

YerbaLife – Cannabis Branding

Yerba may be understood for many cultures as "herb" but also as "grass" or "weed".

Jankers Website

Happy Strain Website


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