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Slide HIGH TRIANGLE HIGH TRIANGLE We sell ideas & kiss brands.

High Triangle treats brands.

Yeah we got all that fancy stuff that make advertising agencies look cool. But we can't work without psychology since it tells us what to do to get the best out of humans.

Young folks at High Triangle approach marketing in regard to pouring the basic needs of humanity in their content & campaigns. Maybe that’s why they’re always carious. Unforgettable experience, thank you!

A. Sampsel
A. Sampsel
Brooklyn Rogers, CMO

Wanna do a stunt? Something that gets people talking?

Let’s do that then call it marketing. It got to be legal though!

We certainly did not paint da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Not that we can’t do better but our ideas can be too much sometimes.

Thank God for the internet!

We have enough coffee to build websites. Zuckerberg doesn’t know us, you can trust us!

Wanna Hustle?

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